Used Offshore Cranes

Kenz 100t Rope Luffing Crane

– Kenz Diesel Hydraulic Pedestal Rope luffing Crane (DHC)

– Lifting Capacity Main Hoist
    * Deck lift 100t @ 14m
    * Off-board lift 60t @ 17,5m up to SWH 0,5m

– Lifting Capacity Aux Hoist
    * Deck lift 15t @ maximum radius
    * Off-board lift 15t @ maximum radius up to SWH 1,0m
    * Man-riding 1,5t @ maximum radius up to SWH 2,0m 

– Certification: ABS
– Main Design Code: API 2C, 7th edition

Download: General Arrangement 
Download: Load Radius
Download: Technical Specifications


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