DEVA – Maintenance free, self-lubricating bearings

Federal-Mogul Deva GmbH is the global leading and well-known German manufacturer of maintenance-free, self-lubricating
bearings for demanding applications. DEVA’s self-lubricating bearings are used in various applications, such as wind, oil-and gas, hydro power, steel production, mining and construction machinery.
DEVA’s products stand out by high performance and advanced material technology and are suitable in demanding environments
where temperature, corrosion or the demand for long lifetime are challenging.

DEVA’s product range consists of:


Self-lubricating bearing material with an evenly distributed solid lubricant which is homogeniously embedded in a metallic (bronze-, iron-, stainless steel- or nickel-) matrix®:

Self-lubricating composite bearing material, comprising of a steel backing with a sliding layer of deva.metal®.


Highly wear resistant copper cast alloys equipped with “macro distributed” solid lubricant plugs.


Self lubricating synthetic materials based on epoxy and glass fiber backings.


Environmentally Dry Bearings


Orange Delta Equipment is the official DEVA sales representative for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or a specific requirement for maintenance-free, self-lubricating bearings or bushes for demanding applications.  

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