Orange Delta Equipment can provide a wide range of offshore winches for RENT or SALES in Asia Pacific. Underneath a few examples of available equipment. Please send us an inquiry, if you have any specific requirement.

20T Hydraulic Winch (CT mode optional)

– 20T at top layer with 250m steel cable D32mm
– Speed: 16m/min at maximum load
– Locally controlled by control box located on the winch
– Constant Tension mode optional
– Including Spooling device  
– Weight without wire rope : 4 350 Kg
– Weight Rope Lg 250m : 1 250 Kg

– Location:  Singapore



32T Hydraulic Winch (CT mode optional)

– 32T at top layer with 200m steel cable D42mm
– Speed: 30m/min at maximum load
– Locally controlled by control box located on the winch
– Constant Tension Mode optional
– Including Spooling device  
– Weight without wire rope : 4 962 Kg
– Weight Wire Rope Lg 250m : 1 738 Kg

– Location:  Singapore


100T Hydraulic Offshore Winch 

– 100T at 1st layer with rope speed of 5.4 m/min
– 36T at 12th (top layer) with rope speed of 14.7 m/min
– Drum capacity ø38 mm x 2000m wire rope 
– Hydraulic band brake, 150T at 1st layer (static) 
– Including Spooling device 
– Operated by 2 x 90kW electric motor driven
   Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)   

– Location:  Singapore



4 point mooring winches for cable lay barge

– 30T at first layer
– 20T at top layer with 800m steel cable D32mm
– Complete with HPU’s, cables, fairleads, load indicators,
   control cabinet & anchors.

– Location:  Vietnam


25 ton hydraulic winch

– 25T at top layer with 150m steel cable D32mm
– Speed: 0-20m/min
– Including HPU’s

– Location:  Vietnam


50 ton hydraulic winch

– 50T at top layer with 450m steel cable D40mm
– Speed: 0-15m/min
– Including HPU’s

– Location:  Vietnam

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