Up-tower cranes offer solutions to the problems created by traditional cranes. These alternative solutions will reduce mobilization costs, avoid delays due to high wind speeds and road permits, minimize ground pressures, and decrease the overall footprint as compared to using traditional cranes on the ground.

This crane series for up-tower WTG maintenance has been specifically designed to work as temporary up-tower crane for major component repair in a wind turbine nacelle and are placed on top of a wind turbine.

Watch the video of the KenzFigee LiftWerx GenHook up-tower crane:

The up-tower cranes provide the following benefits:

  • Eliminate the need of a large mobile or crawler crane
  • Eliminate the need to obtain oversize or overweight road permits during mobilization of equipment
  • Drive down the overall cost of the corrective repair
  • Increase operational window compared to traditional cranes, due to higher wind limits
  • Increase precision during exchange of components compared to traditional cranes
  • Reduce the need for auxiliary equipment and costs (such as extra assist cranes on the ground)
  • Increase safety of corrective repairs (for example, up-tower cranes do not tip over due to ground instability)
  • Reduce the transport fleet, so both reduce the size as well as the total weight of the system
  • Reduce the overall carbon footprint of the operation

KenzFigee designed and built the below mentioned up-tower cranes (excluding YawHook™):

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