Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

Orange Delta Equipment can provide a wide range of Hydraulic Power Unit’s (HPU) for rental in Asia Pacific. Underneath a few examples of available equipment. Please send us an inquiry, if you have any specific requirement.

18.5 kW HPU

– Hydraulic Working Pressure:  30-300 Bar
– Hydraulic Flow:  7-33 (2x) L/min
– Power Supply:  440V – 60 Hz
– Power Rating: 18.5 kW (2 x 8.6kW + 1 x 1.27kW)
– Dimensions: 2400mm (W) x 1600mm (L) x 2400mm (H)
– Tank Volume: 600 L
– Oil type: HV46 Class 6 (NAS1638) 
– Weight:  … kg  

– Location:  Singapore


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