PTFE sliding layer on glass-fibre reinforced carrying layer 

deva.tex® is a high performance self-lubricating sliding material with a glass-fibre reinforced backing layer. The machinable sliding layer consists of fibres which are embedded in epoxy resin. The resin carries PTFE as lubricant for excellent tribological performance.

  • The two layer structure offers very good mechanical properties
  • Both sliding and supporting layers can be machined
  • Excellent damping behaviour and good resistance to shock-like loads
  • Excellent tribological properties in dry running and under water
  • Good wear resistance even with micro movements
  • Additional lubrication is not recommended, but possible
  • High dimensional stability in water and other liquids and good chemical resistance
  • DNV certified for offshore applications

Material properties 

deva.tex®  materials are suitable for applications involving sustained high static and dynamic loads, relatively low sliding speeds and rotary, angular, axial or linear motion.

Also suitable for applications where conventional lubrication is not possible or permissible, or where other properties are required such as durability and resistance to operational and environmental influences or special conditions (e.g. impact load, abrasive stress, etc).



deva.tex® can be supplied in all kind of shapes, such as plain (cylindrical) bearing, spherical bearings, thrust washers and sliding plates.



deva.tex® is utilized many applications such as: 
Water turbines, hydro power plants, agricultural machines, earth moving equipment, railroad vehicles, shut-off valves, chemical industry, apparatus engineering, wind turbines and many more. 


More information
Orange Delta Equipment is the official Federal-Mogul DEVA GmbH sales representative for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines & Vietnam. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or specific requirements. 

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