KenzFigee offers a wide variety of tailor-made offshore cranes, such as:


Boom length from 35m to 120m | Max. capacity 800t

The Boom Hoist crane is equipped with a lattice type boom and uses a winch to perform the luffing action.
Optional the crane can be equipped with a split block offering more versatility of your hoisting needs.

The lightweight design and robustness make these cranes ideal for performing operations that require high load-radius combination.

As the crane can be transported in modules, large and expensive installation vessels have become unnecessary and substantial costs savings on transport- and installation can be made.



Boom length from 18m to 45m | Max. capacity 300t

Based on proven design, the KenzFigee Knuckle Boom crane is easy to customize in order to fit clients’ requirements.

This design has the main hoist rope running underneath the knuckle jib. With its ‘easy to re-reeve’ main boom lift, the hoist rope can be placed over the main boom to handle taller and heavier loads.

In addition to this, the main hoist winch can be placed below the deck (also at a later stage), which facilitates deeper operations and better vessel stability. Because of its compact design the deck space utilization is less.



Boom length from 20m to 50m | Max. capacity 300t

The design has proven itself over the years with an installed base of more than 50 cranes. This crane is optimized for small to medium day-to-day lifts at moderate radius. Specifically, suitable for smaller (unmanned) platforms, production platforms, FPSO’s, and other ships.

The Ram Luffing offshore crane has a box type boom, employs hydraulic power for its main functions; hoisting, slewing and luffing. Making use of hydraulic cylinders to perform the luffing action, the KenzFigee Ram Luffing crane is the ideal design for harsh offshore environments.

The limited number of moving parts make these cranes highly reliable and require limited maintenance.



The professionals at KenzFigee understand that offshore crane deployment requires efficiency, reliability and a high degree of safety. Offshore cranes are provided for new build installations as well as replacement cranes for existing installations, like drilling units, FPSOs, production platforms or heavy lift vessels.


KenzFigee’s different type of offshore cranes and equipment operate globally in some of the harshest environments like the North Sea, Asia Pacific Region and Brazil. Serving clients all over the world, the product portfolio adds value to clients’ operations with equipment ranging from 2.5t – to over 5,000t SWL.

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