KenzFigee offers versatile 3D Active & Passive Motion Compensated gangway solutions for safe and efficient personnel transfer between fixed and/or floating installations and vessels. The KenzFigee Active (AMC) and Passive (PMC) Motion Compensated Walk-to-Work gangway solutions are the preferred way for safe and efficient personnel and cargo transfer during offshore operations in the oil & gas, marine and wind industry.

As every type of operation requires its own solution,  KenzFigee telescopic Walk-to-Work gangways are available in different sizes and systems (active or passive) and can be adjusted according to any clients’ specifications and/or requirements:

  • Active Motion Compensated gangway (AMC)  
  • Passive Motion Compensated gangway (PMC)
  • Fixed-to-fixed platform gangway 
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Active Motion Compensated gangway (AMC)

KenzFigee’s fully active motion compensated gangway provides continuous access to any offshore structure.

It enables safe and efficient personnel transfer irrespective of weather conditions, and is fully compensated up to Hs=3m.

The gangway also can be utilized to lift loads up to 1.000kg.

In Personnel Transfer Mode (PTM), the connection is maintained by means of an intelligent bumper with very low contact force, which minimizes impact on e.g. the landing platform and the vessel DP system.


More details regarding this Active Motion Compensated gangway are provided in the video below:

Pedestal with elevator

Optionally, the unique KenzFigee Active Motion Compensated gangway can be executed with a pedestal with elevator, to suit the needs of offshore wind operators.

The pedestal with elevator can be fully integrated in Service Operation Vessels (SOV).

The height adjustable gangway enables efficient transfer of both personnel and cargo.


Passive Motion Compensated gangway (PMC)

KenzFigee’s Motion Compensated Walk-to-Work gangway solutions have proven to contribute to safe and efficient personnel and cargo transfer during offshore operations.

The Passive Motion Compensated gangway is a cost efficient solution for specific operational requirements.

Please contact us for more information and availability.


Fixed-to-Fixed gangways

KenzFigee also provides standard & customized Fixed-to-Fixed gangways for personnel between 2 fixed structures, such as Wind Turbine Installation Vessels (WTIV) and  Turbine Transition Piece platforms.

Standard solutions are available up to 45m length and luffing angles up to +/- 30 degrees to horizontal.

Please contact us for more information.


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