TRUSTLUBE – Automatic Lubrication Systems (ALS)

TrustLube – Automatic Lubrication Systems
TrustLube designs, manufactures and installs automatic lubrication systems for the maritime, food, mining and heavy industry. TrustLube systems guarantee the perfect dosage, at the right location, at the desired time, at the right moment, with the right product! This way we prevent downtime and saving up to 70% on your lubricant usage! And your business keeps moving smoothly.

How does it work?
A separate lubrication unit is fitted to each lubrication point of your machinery, each injecting precisely the right amount of lubricant into the lubrication point, exactly when it is needed. Each unit works independently.

The separate lubrication units are mounted on stainless steel distribution blocks. These distribution blocks connect seamlessly to the main lubricant supply lines, making it fast and easy to add extra lubrication units if required.

The system is hermetically sealed and made of stainless steel (AISI316 of 6MO) to keep out dirt and water,
whatever the conditions. A check valve (non-return valve) prevents the lubricant from flowing back into the supply line. Critical lubrication points can also be monitored by special sensors.

TrustLube Xtreme Grease

TrustLube® – Xtreme Grease is a modern high performance product, suitable for extreme heavy industrial applications.
Its extreme loading capacity and consistency make this product the first choice for marine applications with equipment under extreme load. In spite of the high viscosity of the base oil, the grease can easily be pumped by TrustLube® systems.

The functional thickener in TrustLube® – Xtreme Grease gives the product extreme loading capacity, making it suitable for heavy load applications.

The grease has excellent mechanical stability, excellent corrosion protection and water resistance, essential in wet and corrosive environments.


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